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Our specialty is manufacturing tailor-made packaging. CORRUGATED BOARD BOXES, RIGID BOXES, PAPER RECOVERED BOXES, TUBE PACKAGING, INTERNET SHIPPING BOXES, E-COMMERCE BOXES, we also provide sustainable PAPERFOAM packaging material and trays which are 100% bio-degradable with an extremely low carbon footprint.

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Pakeling was founded in 2005 in Barcelona and since then has been delivering Premium Packaging Solutions to companies in Europe.

Our mission is to find the perfect packaging solution for your needs. We provide tailor-made manufacturing . Challenge our team to find you personal solution.


Everyone is looking for environmentally friendly options in packaging, at PAKELING.COM we offer innovative materials with an extremely low carbon footprint and we help choose the right type of packaging that works for the environment and your company. Reach out us and get yore free consultation at hello@pakeling.com


Consumers are demanding it, sustainable packaging!

Consumers are demanding sustainable packaging. Change has come and producers and brands now know it and expected requirement. This is why at Pakeling.com we strive to find the best process, material and solutions that delivery for you and for the planet. Responsible sourcing.Local production.

Sustainability is important for us and for the planet, that’s why we care.

Protecting the climate and the reduction of greenhouse gases are urgent issues for our society. One key to meeting these challenges successfully is the efficient and sustainable materials. And this means that responsible packaging sourcing is important decision making process to get the goals of bringing out solutions that are consistent with this objective. That’s …