Many billions of tons of agricultural residue, or agricultural waste, remain from the production of food worldwide.

At PAKELING.COM we have found a way to make packaging out of cardboard and papers made from agricultural waste.

Brown cardboard is from 100% agricultural waste.
White cardboard is from 85% agricultural waste.

Cardboard provides HIGH QUALITY, good touch and feel, and great printing qualities.

Consumers are demanding it, sustainable packaging!

Consumers are demanding sustainable packaging. Change has come and producers and brands now know it and expected requirement.

This is why at we strive to find the best process, material and solutions that delivery for you and for the planet.

Responsible sourcing.
Local production.

BRC Global Standard for Packaging. What is it?

BRC Global Standard for Packaging is the first Packaging Standard in the world to be recognized by (GSFI), the Global Food Safety committee. 3,500+ suppliers around the world in over 80 countries have chosen to be certificated.

The BRC standard is used as a basis of assurance both in primary and secondary packaging, certifying materials and manufacturing in areas as food to consumer packaging.

This helps you adopt good manufacturing practices and quality systems for safe, legal packaging materials that meet the quality levels expected the consumers.

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Sustainability is important for us and for the planet, that’s why we care.

Protecting the climate and the reduction of greenhouse gases are urgent issues for our society. One key to meeting these challenges successfully is the efficient and sustainable materials. And this means that responsible packaging sourcing is important decision making process to get the goals of bringing out solutions that are consistent with this objective. That’s is why we at make sure to use the perfect combination of material that are all sustainable and from reliable sources.